Winfield Group founder, Rachel Demeter, talks briefly about the new state of the Charlotte real estate industry during the pandemic.

It’s challenging when homes cannot be shown in person, meetings cannot be held in person, BUT there is hope.

Virtual walk throughs have been helping the market stay moving and excited.

There are more homes being listed every day in Charlotte and lending has not slowed down. In fact, rates are looking better than they have before.

It might seem scary, but there is good to come from the bad. The Winfield Group is working with local shelters to build a better environment for those suffering homelessness for when they can return to these shelters.

We are helping Charlotte home buyers and home sellers find new ways to interact and keep the local real estate market thriving.

Even in times of stress, fear and uncertainty, we can help each other.

If you have any questions for Rachel or the team at The Winfield Group, please contact us.


Transcript of the video:

Hey everybody.

This is Rachel Demeter with the Winfield Group at Keller Williams South Park.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the stay at home and what this means from a real estate perspective.

First and foremost, we’re all settling into a new reality, and as you do so, we just wish you peace and health and some sort of happiness during this time because we’re all going through it together.

Our new reality for the next little while is going to be virtual reality. And so we’re not stopping what we’re doing here at the Winfield Group, we’re just shifting. So what we cannot do at this time, we can’t show houses and we can’t do open houses.

What we can do, we can certainly talk you through the buying or selling process if we haven’t already.

We can talk you through any market updates.

We rely so heavily on the MLS and graphs and stats, so we’re kind of learning information in real time, and as we do so, we can certainly pass it on to you.

We can also do virtual tours if the listing agent has set up for that. So happy to talk through that with anybody who is still wanting to see properties.

From a personal perspective and something I’m kind of excited about, we are going to be pairing with the Urban Ministry Center and we’re actually going to be donating essential goods to them.

We’re also going to be working with their art department and we’re going to be doing some redecorating and we’re going to be just adding on to the art room.

And so when this is all said and done, people who are experiencing homelessness have a safe place to go back to.

So there is some good coming from the bad and we’re just trying to embrace it.

So, hope you all are doing well.

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime with any questions.

We are all here for you working from the home office. Today, that’s outside on my porch, and sometimes that’s inside.

But, yeah we are looking forward to connecting with you soon.