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Hey everybody, Rachel here with the Winfield group, just giving you some updates that you may not have even known that you wanted, but hopefully you find helpful.

From this time last week till today, there were over a thousand properties that went under contract in the Charlotte area, which is just crazy given what’s going on.


From a buyer perspective, we’re still only allowed to show vacant properties. However, um, if you wanted to write an offer on a property that is occupied, you can do so safely.

By doing a low due diligence, you’re then legally obligated to see a property in person if you have money invested into a contract.

And of course we do that in a very safe way, but there still is a way to go into a contract both with vacant and properties that are occupied.


From a seller perspective, I actually had a listing on Thursday and by Saturday we had 30 showings and multiple offers.

So lots going on in that world as well. It’s still a case by case basis, so you’re not going to see those numbers across the board. But definitely still a strong market.

Make sure you talk to your lender and you understand any updated timelines.

I know that things have shifted a little bit in that world too.

Once you feel confident there, reach out to us and we’re happy to get things going for you safely. 

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