Many people that are looking to buy a home in the Charlotte, NC area from out of state are finding this to be a common occurrence. They’ll have to find something online and put in an offer to buy almost immediately. Buying homes in general can be stressful, but added with moving from out of state and you need someone to help you.

The home buying market has been really busy these last few years in Charlotte. There are investors buying homes to flip them and re-sell. There are companies moving to North Carolina that need housing for their employees.

This is a great time to buy, but you have to move quickly.

This is one area that The Winfield Group is working hard in to help people like Philip and Jody Woodson… and maybe YOU!

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Like Philip and Jody, don’t be afraid to use technology like FaceTime to do virtual walk-thrus of homes you’re interested in buying. These advancements in communication are really helping us and our clients find their best homes in Charlotte and helping get offers in faster.

When buying homes in today’s world, a great agent will help you find your best home with all the tools at their disposal. You should too!

Here’s a full transcription of the news story from Spectrum & a link to their article.


Tim Spears: Philip and Jody Woodson thought they found their future home, but by the time they flew to Charlotte to check out the house, it was sold.

Philip: A little bit of panic set in.

Tim Spears: Most homes online were off the market almost instantly.

Philip: I learned really fast to look at the filters and take the one off that said contingent. Most of the houses that we looked at were under contract already or had offers in.

Tim Spears: Instead, the Woodson’s had to trust realtor, Rachel Demeter, and her smartphone.

Rachel: And so, if you’re not willing to be kind of competitive, you’re probably not going to get the property that you want.

Tim Spears: They bought the house without ever seeing it in person, only seeing it through photos and FaceTime.

Philip: We did a FaceTime walkthrough and that’s pretty much it.

Rachel: I’m getting close with the phone and I’m looking in the kitchen and sometimes in the cabinets and whatnot.

Tim Spears: It’s not the first house Demeter has sold sight unseen. Typically, it’s investors trying to flip houses. That’s why you may see large, new construction stick out next to much smaller, older homes next door.

Rachel: So, it is kind of tough for people who are just looking for just kind of an average house. In a neighborhood that’s close to the city to find something that’s maybe affordable.

Tim Spears: Last year, a record 50,854 properties sold in the Charlotte area, forcing buyers to act fast.

Rachel: The housing market has been kind of crazy for the last couple of years and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

Tim Spears: The total was a 6% jump from the year before. Even December. Typically a slow selling month, jumped 22.3% compared to the year before.

Rachel: I haven’t really seen much difference between winter, fall, spring, summer. It stays busy all the time.

Tim Spears: According to the Charlotte area realtors association, there’s less than two months of housing supply left in the area. Meaning if all construction stopped, the region would run out of available homes sometime in early March.

Philip: So, I have a friend that’s in New Jersey right now looking to move here. I told him that he should have started six months ago and it’s insane. If you see something, put an offer in.

Tim Spears: Even if he only sees it on FaceTime. In NoDa, Tim Spears, Spectrum News.