Oakhurst is a neighborhood situated East of the city and tucked in an area that is long established as a nice area. 

The stats of this great area of greater Charlotte support the claim.

An overwhelming 71% of all residents in Oakhurst are home owners*. This is an excellent statistic for people looking to buy here.

So why is this actually good for Oakhurst?

The real reason is because the average age of home ownership is relatively young.

That, combined with the business growth in the neighborhood, makes Oakhurst an exciting neighborhood for most. Perfect for anyone looking to move to Charlotte OR buying homes within the city for a local move.

Recently, developers have seen the opportunity here. The lot sizes are bigger and flat and perfect to build new home construction, specifically modern and mid-century modern.

If you’re that family that wants more land, then looking to buy your next home in Oakhurst is where it’s at.

To support that fun, young and community based atmosphere, there are some amazing hotspots.

So much so, that there is a local movement to name the area.

MoRA visual map helping to visualize where the MoRA area is and what it consists of in Oakhurst, NC and Charlotte, NC

“MoRa”, you can read more about that here.

It’s definitely a younger crowd moving in and considered “affordable” new construction, although prices are steadily on the rise.

The Common Market is a widely popular spot in Charlotte.. It’s a deli, nik-nak general store, beer and wine shop all in one.

Common Market Plaza near Oakhurst, NC and Charlotte, NC

They recently opened a new spot across from a massive new home construction site and many restaurants and bars are all following suit.

It’s close to Independence which runs right into the city so a very close commute and situated  across the street from Cotswold which has high-end, $1MM+ homes.

There are lots of tattoo shops and ethnic restaurants that line Monroe. Some have been there a long time. The hope is to integrate the old restaurants with the new. 

Time will tell!

If you’re interested in homes for sale in South Charlotte or relocating to this amazing area of town, let us know!

*source: Nextdoor.com