Immediately. If you are planning to buy a home in the next year, start your search now. Beginning your search now will help you determine what features of a home are most important to you. Do you want an attached garage? How about a big backyard? Starting your search early means figuring out what is important to you. It gives you an insight into what is available in the area you’re looking to live in. 

Steps to Home Buying – Planning to buy a home is crucial

  1. The home buying process is a few steps, and sometimes, these steps will repeat. 
  2. First, you’ll decide you want to buy a home
  3. See how much of a mortgage you qualify for
  4. Begin looking at listings
  5. Call up The Winfield Group so we can help
  6. Look at homes
  7. Make an offer and close on your loan.

If the home falls through, fails inspection, or your offer is rejected, this process will start all over again. 

Most home buying takes about a year from start to finish. Most people fall in love with a house they find on Zillow or Trulia… reach out to a real estate agent to look at the home… then see the home in person and maybe they like it, but they don’t love it. So, they look at another. And another. And another.

Finding the perfect home for you takes time, about 4-6 months actually.

You can make this process shorter. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage beforehand and turn to a licensed real estate agent for help. 

Father and daughter look out their window of the new home they just purchased by planning to buy a home.

Best Time to Buy in North Carolina 

In Charlotte, the best time to look for a home is in the summer. In the spring there is a tremendous amount of listings. Most people choose to put their home on the market in the spring. They prefer to buy a new home for the fall and their children can start in a new school. But, more availability means more expensive listings. 

Beginning your search in the fall, and aiming to buy in the early winter, will help you find a less expensive home. There are fewer people looking to buy in the late fall, early winter and so many sellers are anxious to sell. But, there are fewer listings.

The sweet spot is the end of summer. The mid-end of Summer is HOT. The homes available are fewer and they go fast. Sometimes listings sell the same day they go on the market. 

Determining the time of year you hope to close on a home (and working your way backward 365 days) will help you decide when it is right for you to start looking for a home in Charlotte, NC. But remember, it can’t hurt to start early. 

There are many hiccups that can occur along the way that may delay the process. Planning to buy a home in Charlotte can help. Starting early ensures you are residing in your home in the time frame that is most important to you.


Buying a home in Charlotte is a process, so planning to buy a home is key. The earlier you start your search the better you will be.

A few steps to take now to help your search move faster:

  • Know what you want and set your budget
  • Get pre-approved by a lending agency
  • Work with licensed real estate professionals
  • End of summer is the hot time to buy, but listings are few and fast. Spring sees a lot on the market, but that can mean higher prices.

Start early. Expect the process to take about a year.

If you’re planning to buy a home in Charlotte, reach out to us and we’ll help guide you through the process!