As realtors in Charlotte, NC, The Winfield Group loves helping our clients find not only the perfect home, but the perfect neighborhood. NoDa, local slang for the Charlotte neighborhood Northern Davidson, used to be a textile manufacturing village, but it is now a popular and diverse arts district. Local artists and art lovers alike flock to the area for its array of galleries, delicious restaurants and bars, and live music scene. 

NoDa Charlotte is a beautiful area, just under 1 square mile, with a population of 2,800, and a prospering small business area and school district. But, before it was a unique neighborhood in Charlotte, NoDa was a mill village. Mill villages were towns that popped up around textile manufacturing mills out of necessity – the workers and their families needed somewhere to live that was within walking distance to the mill. These mill villages were sparse in amenities, usually having only pharmacies and grocery stores, and it seems NoDa has been making up for that fact ever since. 

The last mill in NoDa Charlotte closed in 1975, and much of the neighborhood drifted into poverty until the 1990s when punk rock took over at the once iconic Fat City Deli (now closed). Towards the 2000s, NoDa Charlotte became an oasis for artists because of its low rents and flood of art galleries. The idea was that artists could live, work, and sell their art all in the same area, which was true until about 2006 when families began to move there, and restaurants started to pop up inside the old mill structures.  

Now, NoDa is a unique neighborhood where its residents have created a community centered around education and artistry. This neighborhood is so tight-knit that they have community events nearly every day of the month, which most residents partake in – including an annual pumpkin carving event, a running club, food trucks, drawing classes, and themed bar and restaurant crawls. 

NoDa is truly a flourishing experiment in providing a safe area for individuals and families to reside without sacrificing on culture. 

Small Businesses Thrive in NoDa

In the heart of NoDa Charlotte, are a range of businesses from CrossFit boxes and yoga studios to craft brewing companies and eclectic art galleries. In fact, NoDa is a haven for small businesses because its residents are so involved in the community. Everyone works in tandem to keep the area thriving. Maybe this is why a 1 square mile neighborhood has seven places to workout and nearly twenty bars, restaurants, and cafes. As a favorite of locals, the NoDa Charlotte neighborhood is a great place to start a small business and find support from not just Charlotte but other towns in North Carolina looking for new places to explore.

Pure'll Gold mural by Darion Fleming in NoDa 2020

“The mural in NoDa is located off North Davidson Street across from the Hobbyist. Fleming said it took between 80 and 90 hours to create and he wanted to make people smile during these unusual times. “I think it was interesting how he painted Purell in gold, everybody trying to get the necessary items … almost like liquid gold,” said Matthews resident Brent Hopkins. Fleming said he is hoping his art resonates with people and has a positive impact.” – WSOC.TV article

NoDa’s Outdoor Spaces to Explore

At the base of the NoDa neighborhood is the Clemson Avenue Park, which sits on a full acre of land, has a basketball court, and play areas for children 2-12 years old. To the east of NoDa, North Charlotte Neighborhood Park also offers a basketball court and play areas for children of all ages. It sits on three acres of land, has a walking trail, and covered picnic areas with grills. Families, couples, and other residents of NoDa frequent both parks daily. 

Living and Working in NoDa

Despite the area being a hip artist collective, many families choosing to raise their children with access to culture and diversity fall in love with NoDa Charlotte. This area is a great place to walk to brunch with the family – maybe hit up Reigning Donuts for some of the best donuts in North Carolina, or make your way to Benny Pennello’s in NoDa for a slice of pizza. 

Over 40% of the population in NoDa is families with children – Highland Montessori (pre-K – 6th grade), Highland Renaissance Academy (pre-K – 5th grade), Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and Eastway Middle (both are 6th – 8th grade), and Garinger High School (9th-12th grade). There is also a whole host of private schools within a twenty-minute drive of the NoDa neighborhood. So whatever your child’s educational needs, you can be sure they will be met.

Commuting from NoDa averages about 20 minutes in any direction, and if you need to get to Uptown, the fastest way is via Charlotte’s LYNX Blue Line. The LYNX Blue Line opened in 2007 and has 26 stations that link the South End to the City Center to UNC Charlotte. Each of these stations provides easy access to unique shopping, excellent dining, and activities the whole family can enjoy. 

Home Buying Trends in NoDa

Charlotte homes for sale tend to average $260,000, but the Charlotte neighborhood NoDa homes for sale average about $438,000. This is because of the unique housing shortage that Charlotte is facing. With families and single owners moving to Charlotte to take advantage of the business scene in the city center, they are venturing to different neighborhoods to find housing. 

The houses for sale in NoDa vary from traditional homes, most dating back to the mill village era, others are new construction, having been built in the last few years, and many more sit inside what was once a mill itself. Some of the original homes are being sold for under $300,000, but new construction can exceed $500,000. 

Further, NoDa homes for sale tend to appreciate 5.92% annually. This means if you purchase a home for $500,000 in the current market when you go to sell it, you’ll have accrued $29,600 a year. Thus, if you hold onto the home for three years, you will make a profit of nearly $100,000. This trend seems to be sticking around as Charlotte homes for sale have seen an average appreciation of 45.2% since 2015. Taking our previous example into account, that means in five years, a $500,000 home could be sold for $726,000. That’s an incredible profit!

Living in NoDa is an excellent choice when trying to commute to Charlotte or outside of the city. Its unique history has created a community that is bettered by its residents. Buying a home in NoDa will give your family access to a culture and arts scene that parallels New York City and Los Angeles, while still providing a safe, quaint southern living.